1015, 1025, 1029 Davis Drive,

Residential land development opportunity! Redevelop the subject land with 24 townhouse units and 4 semi-detached units on a private condominium road. Several units within the development have been designed to accommodate elevators, allowing those units to be accessible to people at all stages of life. Each dwelling includes private amenity space in the form of private rear yards, balconies, and rooftop terraces. A shared amenity space is proposed on the northeast corner of the subject land. This area is proposed to be accessible to the public and would include amenities such as benches and tree planting. Privacy fences are proposed along the north and northwest portion of the site to provide buffering and privacy between adjacent properties. A mix of trees, shrubs, and ornamental plantings are proposed along the Davis Drive and Hamilton Drive frontages to create an attractive interface between the public and private realm. The proposed development has been designed to protect for a potential future connection for vehicular and pedestrian access to the properties to the west, connecting to Belfry Drive.

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1015, 1025, 1029 Davis Drive
Toronto, ON, L3Y2R8

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Residential land

Amir-Reza Bagher-Zadeh
mail-icon ABagherZadeh@prompton.ca

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